All services are free and confidential

Free Pregnancy Testing

We offer free self-administered and confidential pregnancy testing with immediate results.

Guidance and Support

We are here for women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy. We have trained client advocates and resources available. All consultations are free and strictly confidential. We provide friendship as well as competent assistance.

Prenatal Guidance

We have excellent literature on pregnancy-related topics for our clients.

Information on Community Resources

We have client advocates who are familiar with the various agencies and resources for pregnant women and can help in the process of obtaining this outside assistance.

Maternity Clothes

Friends of the Center have donated maternity clothes for women in need of them.

And Later On...

Ongoing Personal Consultations

Often an unplanned pregnancy is only the immediate problem. There may be other needs which require further discussion. We want to help in these areas as well.

Baby Supplies & Clothes

We have a supply of baby clothes, diapers and other supplies available to our clients.

Referral for Adoption

Every woman's situation is unique. Adoption may or may not be the right option. We can help a woman clarify her choices. If she chooses to make an adoption plan, we can direct her to an agency with which she will be comfortable.

Postnatal Guidance

A woman may want to discuss problems and fears that may have arisen after the birth of the baby.

Planning Mother and Baby's Future

The responsibilities of parenting usually require major adjustments of life-style and finances. The transition is often difficult. We can help mothers prepare for these profound changes.

Help for Women and Men After an Abortion

Women who have had an abortion or abortions may feel shame, guilt, depression, sorrow, or anger. Men, too, deal with similar trauma after losing a child to abortion. Our trained client advocates have been ministering to women and men suffering abortion's aftermath. We can help you, too.

New Location as of May 1st, 2018:
210 Bendix Road, Unit 4
Taos, NM 87571