Exciting News

New Life Pregnancy Center is excited to announce we are moving to new location.
We are closed at our current location and will re-open at
210 Bendix Road Unit 4 Taos, NM on May 1st 2018.


New Life Pregnancy Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer, Christ-centered agency which provides assistance and support to women, men and their families in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. We are a life-affirming ministry providing educational, emotional and spiritual support. All services are Free and Confidential.

We are non-judgmental and communicate compassion regardless of the decisions made by the client. The Center’s trained volunteer client advocates are familiar with the stresses confronting a woman in this situation and are prepared to offer her all of our services in a sensitive, caring manner. In addition, we assist women and men who find they are struggling after an abortion experience. We provide information as well as on-going encouragement and friendship during this challenging time.

Other services provided by New Life Pregnancy Center are pregnancy and parenting classes, a sexual health and integrity program in area middle schools, a program for men and support for those dealing with post-abortion syndrome. Our services are available to those throughout the Enchanted Circle of northern New Mexico.

We’re Here to Help.

A Heart for our Clients

We have a Heart for our Clients. We offer services that provide information and support so they can make an informed decision about their pregnancy and the life of their unborn child.


Our services include Free, Accurate Pregnancy Testing, prenatal and infant care, education on pregnancy options, community referrals and much more.

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Our programs are designed to educate the new mother and father in the stages of pregnancy and the new world of parenting. Sexual integrity classes educate youth about the best choices for their body and their lives. Post-abortion support groups promote healing, mentally and spiritually, from the trauma of abortion.

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The Heart of a Giver


Do you have a Heart for Life? Are you wondering how you or your church might make a contribution that will make a difference?

Our commitment to you:

If you choose to make a financial investment in this organization, our commitment to you is that all funds are used wisely to serve our clients and with complete accountability. Every gift is invested in the lives of the women and men who come for help and in the lives of their unborn children.

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We cannot operate this organization without volunteer staff members who are willing to reach out and love the women and men who come through our doors. Volunteers are the heartbeat of this ministry, and we're looking for (at least) one more. It might be you; do you have a Heart for this Ministry?

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Would you like to volunteer your time?

New Location as of May 1st, 2018:
210 Bendix Road, Unit 4
Taos, NM 87571